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Our Aeron Chair Warranty

Warranty Information:

We offer a limited warranty to all our customers. This warranty includes any mechanical failure to the chair mechanisms which are the forward and reverse tilt systems and the adjustable arm system. Also to include any structural failure to seat frames, legs And hardware.

Not to include wearable components such as seat mesh, arm pads, Pneumatic cylinder, rolling casters.

Our warranty is extended for you to cover a full year.

The components that are not included are offered in our general maintenance service plan which we can arrange for a small service fee of  $45, this will cover gas to make it out to you and provide our expertise if needed.

Service agreement:

The  $45 is a service/maintenance fee per visit/per chair. Parts are not included. There will be no mark up, in other words, our cost is your cost. Also at the time of repair you May have the choice;

  1. Have our technician bring out a replacement chair and charge you for the replacement part on the chair we take out of the office.
  2. You May wish that we repair the Chair on site, in which case we will need detailed information on which component is damaged to be prepared to make the appropriate repair onsite.


Also to add to this info, any chair that has warranty damage, we will immediately, at the earliest available scheduled time bring you a replacement chair at no cost to you. As outlined in the warranty terms previously shared with you.